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senrikakushi's Journal

Chitose Senri
31 July
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Player Name: sabriel
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E-mail: sabriel@gmail.com
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Name: Chitose Senri

Age: 27

Occupation: Bartender

Job Description: Makes the drinks, pours the beer and flirts with the customers at the bar he works at.

Do they work for Prince Media?: No.

Appearance: Hasn't really changed all that much from canon. His hair is a bit longer (goes to midback) which he'll generally tie up with a thong. He also wears a bucket hat and baggy clothes in an attempt not to be recognized by the media. He still wears getas on his feet however, since he thinks shoes are too confining.

Chitose grew up in Kyushuu with his sister Miyuki and their parents. As a teenager he played in several garage bands until he was scouted. It was soon after being scouted that he formed the two-man band Wings with his childhood friend Tachibana Kippei. After their partnership fell apart he moved to Osaka and did a series of odd jobs and basically hid as much as he could from the world. He picked up flare bartending in one of those jobs and has stuck to it ever since. Ever since his own fall from stardom he's been trying to persuade his sister to quit this 'acting junk' and have a normal life instead. He thinks the entertainment industry far too dangerous. This has been his number one reason to moving Tokyo.

This is an rp journal for prince_media

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